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Case Management Hearings LTB (Pilot Project)

sambranoparalegalStarting this spring the Landlord and Tenant Board will pilot Case Management Hearings for T2 and T6 applications. A T2 application is a Tenant rights application (i.e. illegal entry, or seriously interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit ).  The T6 Application is a Tenant Maintenance Application (i.e. if the landlord has not complied with the Landlord’s responsibility to repair).

The Case Management Hearing seems to be set-up much like a pretrial, where both parties will attempt to explore settlement of issues in dispute, and provide disclosure (i.e. exchange documents or any other material relevant to the proceeding). If the matter is not settled, then it will proceed to a Hearing.

For more information, or to submit your feedback on the project please visit The Landlord and Tenant Board Website.    You may also review the discussion at Marie Connolly Elderkin’s group at LinkedIn.

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