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What is Tort Law?

7 levelsTorts 101: Online Presentation

Torts is a medieval French word meaning “wrong” or “wrongful act” done to a person’s body, property or reputation. This act could have been done with, or without deliberate intention. In Criminal Law the state prosecutes the wrongdoer, therefore, the major focus is on the punishing of the wrongdoer.  In tort law the victim of the wrongful act sues the wrongdoer for damages (money), and the main focus is on compensation of the victim by the wrongdoer.

The level of guilty mentality is the state of mind of the wrongdoer who commits a wrongful act.   Below is a very brief presentation focusing on, and giving examples of the 7 Levels of Guilty Mentality. The 7 levels are usually separated into two categories, Subjective Intentions and Objective Intentions. Watch the presentations below to understand the difference between the two, as well as for a further explanation.

Online Presentation: 7 Levels of Guilty Mentality

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