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How to Analyse a Case

paralegallogofinal copyOften people may be unsure of their legal rights or even the pertinent facts surrounding their legal situation.  It is not unusual for a potential client to be able to tell their story, yet still be unsure of their legal rights and/or obligations.  As a result they will often seek out a lawyer or a licensed paralegal for a legal opinion.

Below is a chart I’ve designed to help systematically analyze a case, and to decide on a proper course of action, if any.  This chart is applicable to both the individual who might be thinking of litigation or the legal professional.  Please note there are many excellent approaches to analyzing a case, but I find this method to be the most systematic as well as thorough.  This approach is suggested in Legal Research: Step by Step.  3rd Edition.  Kerr, Kurtrz and Blatt.

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